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Hi, we are Team Juicy! Fitness & Wellness Marketing Specialists Based in Singapore

Hey there, whether you’re a gym studio, product manufacturer, or digital creator, we are excited to work together with your brand to strengthen your lead generation and digital marketing efforts. Our aim is to provide you with state-of-the art marketing systems that are more affordable and more integrated than any lead generation company out there. We offer this all at cost with a high degree of transparency so you know what is happening and where your marketing budgets go.

Not Your Average Fitness Marketing Company

We’re not your typical health and wellness agency. We don’t agree with the guilt and shame tactics that most fitness marketing companies employ. Instead, we want to transform how the health and fitness industry markets itself…

We think health & fitness marketing should inspire people,

not prey on their insecurities.

So, we help health and fitness companies to market themselves with integrity, as well as impact. Whether you want to attract new clients or keep existing ones loyal, our consulting and digital marketing services can help.

Does this sound like an approach you’d like for your fitness business? Then we’d love to hear from you! Contact us here!

Absolutely amazing! Karen completely understood my brand and who I want to attract to the studios. The lead generation campaigns she ran filled up the top of the marketing funnel allowing us to convert more trials to long-term members. Our Amoy St studio was awarded League Division Champion in 2018, an accolade awarded to the top performing studio among 1300 F45 Training studios worldwide, Luciano C. (Owner of 4 F45 Training Studios in Singapore)

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If you’d like some personalised advice on how we could generate more traffic, leads and customers online, then we are happy to take a look at your website and current strategy and give you some tips.

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