Affordable Hair Salon Singapore – Hair Studio Flamingo Review

I am a regular client of Hair Studio Flamingo, and I won’t let anyone else do my hair! Take has a good eye for face shape and is always honest with me about hair style ideas I give him from magazines. He’ll point out what would look good with my face and what would not, but also gives suggestions on how to improve on my ideas as well. More than once, I sat down in his chair and told him “Just do whatever, I trust you,” and I’ve had great, beautiful styles within an hour. He’s extremely detailed with his cuts, and I’ve noticed, even when they grow out, my hair still looks great for a long time after. If you are looking for a new stylist who takes great care with detail and angles, and listens extremely well to your hair desires, you absolutely must book Take!

Every single person at Hair Studio Flamingo from the front-desk staff to the stylists and the owner are uber talented, warm, welcoming and will bend over backwards to ensure that each and every client leaves completely satisfied. I love that they start you off by offering you hot tea, coffee, or water. It’s first class treatment at affordable prices all the way during my time there for a cut, color and treatment. If you are there, remember to ask for the Ume Plum and Kombu Kelp Tea which Rae and I were absolutely addicted to! We learnt from owner, Ryu, that this powdered tea is made from a combination of kombu kelp seaweed for a hint of umami, and umeboshi dried plums for a refreshing hint of sourness, definitely a hit with the ladies!

From now till 31 May, quote “Karen”and ask for Take to receive additional 20% discount off SET MENU at Hair Studio Flamingo.
Cut + Colour + Treatment = $310 > $250 > $200! 

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