Equal Stevia: Healthier Sweetness for a Happier You

Sugar substitutes, especially artificial sweeteners seem to get a lot of bad press so how safe are they? You probably recognize some of them by their brand name: sucralose (Splenda), saccharin (Sweet and Low), aspartame (Equal), and stevia (Truvia). Each has varying levels of sweetness and uses. These sugar substitutes are popular among people suffering from diabetes because they don’t spike blood sugar the same way sugar does, and are great for satisfying the sugar cravings minus the calories. Because unlike table sugar, which has approximately 16 calories per teaspoon, Splenda, Sweet and Low, Equal, and Truvia all contribute little to no calories. We recently received a media kit containing Equal Stevia and Equal Gold products from Matrix Star Marketing. I’ve used Equal Stevia in my oats and substituted half of the sugar in the recipe with Equal Gold in a Japanese Cheesecake  and have convinced my family to switch to Equal products. All in all, stevia’s sweet taste and all-natural origins make it a popular sugar substitute. When consumed in reasonable amounts, stevia makes an excellent natural plant-based sugar substitute.

Equal Stevia Sticks – 40 sticks

A natural sweetness from the stevia leaf extract, introducing new Equal Stevia sticks, made using extracts of the naturally sourced Stevia plant to create a delicious zero calorie sweeteners that is perfect to replace sugar in all your favorite hot & cold drinks, desserts, and all savory dishes.

  • Natural sweetness at 0 calories!
  • Sugar-like texture
  • Heat Stability, Suitable For Cooking

1 Equal Stevia stick (0 kcal) = 1 level teaspoons of sugar (16 kcal)

Equal Gold Sticks – 50 sticks

Equal Gold is perfect for cooking and can be used to replace sugar without compromising on taste.

  • New! Crunch formula
  • Sweet, just like Sugar
  • Heat Stability, Suitable For Cooking

1 Equal Gold stick (0 kcal) = 2 level teaspoons of sugar (32 kcal)

Equal Gold and Equal Stevia is available in major supermarkets (Cold Storage, NTUC Fairprice, Sheng Siong) and pharmacies (Guardian, Watsons) in the following sizes: Equal Gold Sweetener Sticks 50s ($5.95), Equal Stevia 200’s ($12.35) and Equal Stevia Sticks 40’s ($7.35).


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