Rae’s second visit to Hair Studio Flamingo


My first visit to Hair Studio Flamingo was way back in April before Kae and I went to Seoul. Fast forward 2 months and now my black roots are peeping out. This calls for yet another hair session with my trusty hair stylists! : )

I’ve been waiting to get highlights but didn’t like the idea of bleaching. Ryo, my dedicated hair stylist (who is new to the studio) did an awesome job of NOT bleaching my dry hair yet managed to attain the gold streaks I’ve requested for <3

Ryo is a good listener and was very patient throughout the entire 3 hours I was seated there. He took the time to trim, color and even gave me a head massage during treatment. DEDICATION AT ITS BEST. 

He even made sure I knew what he was going to do to my hair, taking the time to explain the process. I felt so relaxed and chilled while he was taking care of my tresses. 

To top it off, he gave me some sexy curls for the day. ; )


From now till end of July, quote “Rachael”and ask for Ryo to receive additional 20% discount off SET MENU at Hair Studio Flamingo.

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